5 Unprofessional Habits of a Security Guard You Should Change

Since you are entrusting the security and safety of your business to your security guard and he is already considered the cornerstone of your business premises, he must act accordingly. If you’ve already hired a security guard, here are the following unprofessional habits that you should be wary of. Should you notice any of the following, you should orient your security guard as soon as possible to improve his performance.


  1. Not being visible at the entrance

The security guard should always be visible and available, especially to the entrance of the office building. Make sure that he remains on his duty post to assist the guests going inside the building and deterring criminal behaviors in the surroundings. Once criminals discover that there is such a big security loophole with your security guard being absent on his duty post, it is easier to break into your building, and all terrible things happen inside.


  1. Not being vigilant and alert

One of the qualifications your security guard must have is being vigilant. Hence, you should make sure that your security guard can instantly detect danger from criminals lurking around the area. He must have a strong sense of hearing for strange sounds that might indicate a bomb or firearm weapons. He must also sense if someone is trying to open the door without permission and the criminal should not easily divert his attention into something else while he is on duty.


  1. Not reliable during emergency situations

During emergency situations, your security guard must be the first to attend the occurrence and help the victim or sort out the situation. Any incidents under his supervision are inevitable, and the last thing that he could do is make sure that everyone is safe during the accident (e.g., fire breakout). In that way, corrective measures are applied to at least lessen the damage of the incident and keep other people from getting hurt.


  1. Not reporting accurately

Your security guard must hand you a proper report on a regular basis. His observation of potentially dangerous activities should be included in the report as well. Once he submitted the report, other professionals from various departments can help him to execute corrective measures to prevent the potential incident from happening.


  1. Not checking for potential anomalies

Some guards do not check the visitor’s bags and do not even bother to look for the employee’s ID before letting them inside—which is wrong. The guard needs to make sure that he will be able to follow all rules and regulations established by your company to make sure that he can detect the potential anomalies in the long run. It can also help to prevent the criminal to easily slipping inside your office building.


Now that you know the unprofessional habits of security guards based in London, you should use it as a guide to improving the security services of your company. Always prioritize the safety and security of both your workers and visitors while in your property by choosing the right security guard to hire.

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