They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Create a file called xserver-xorg-input-aiptek. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Visit the following links: Option “YTop” “number” First of three sets of parameters to set the active zone. X driver is now in xorg, and kernel driver in kernel development. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

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Exit and restart Gimp. Community maintained Open Source software universe and Software restricted by copyright or legal issues multiverse Click the ” Other Software ” taband put ticks in: Unfortunately not all is ironed out: The tablet DOES work, but not well enough to really use.

Aiptek tablet driver for linux is confusing – The Linux Community Forum

Make aitpek the aiptek module is loaded and the tablet is plugged in! Aiptek Camera – WebCam and other problems. Add udev-rule, that matches attributes which uniquely identify our device and adds a symlink: The feature is enabled for any other value.

Where do I start? This is easily fixed at least with every version of the aiptek kernel and X drivers I have used so far.

Aiptek HyperPen USB Tablet Device Drivers for Linux and X Window System

This sets the X coordinate of the bottom corner of the active zone. If your PC won’t boot As a final note, be aware iaptek at present tablet’s function-keys won’t work under Lucid as X server 1.


If your tablet has levels of pressure sensitivity, change that the toalthough should work just fine.

Option “Type” “stylus” “eraser” “cursor” sets the type of tool the device represent. Krita also plays up with pressure sensitivity but not in the same way, but I haven’t really tested this program all that much.

You have to specify it for each subsection with the same value if you want to have multiple devices with the same tablet. There you must add our tablet config file e.

I thought that was me? After this, sketching using GIMP was quite easy, but tracing was a lot more difficult. Is there a way so that xorg can just ignore this entry and linix without it? BE AWARE, the button mapping changes won’t survive a reboot, so you’ll have to script that and add the script to the startup applications. Post the URI or the lines?

Ava At least you found out how to use a LiveCD to undo changes OK, first thing I want you to do is uninstall the xserver-xorg-input-wizardpen drivers. In this aiptei open a terminal and try: You can use the last available integer feedback to control this feature.

Setup This tablet is linuux little tricky to set up, but this is what I have done to get it to work at least in Wine Photoshop 7: When this feature is enabled, the device will take control of the core pointer and thus will emit core events and at the same aiptrk will be able, when asked so, to report extended events.


On older Ubuntu versions The support for this tablet is very flaky in Ubuntu 5. In Lucid you can write an old style ‘xorg.


Linux Power User Bundle. Now, on the main Synaptic toolbar, click the Reload button This driver also supports reporting its status and dynamic reconfiguration; the user interface akptek doing so is none other than, The Tablet Manager presents reports from the Kernel and X Window device drivers in an easy-to-read format for the end user.

Option “XThreshold” “number” Minimal change in X coordinate position that will be accepted as data input. Settings for both drivers can be inspected and dynamically reconfigured from the Tablet Manager. OK, yet another set of instructions