This means the dri Profile information also shows up in the TMultiView menu. The Appointments are saved as appts. Or, go to the privacy policy to change the cookie settings. This statement is then sent to the InterBase engine where it is compiled.

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Code Unable to retrieve application schema. Opensuse is my favorite! Data for the Appointments, Parts, and Technician is all downloaded on this tab.

Developer Tools

The second TTabControl contains the rest of the frames. There is nothing new about the concept of reading the parameters from a file except for the fact that java provides some useful calls to parse the text file.

Appointments are records that can be viewed in the Field Service App client. Now if the driver is created, and i need to change the user context, how do i do that? However this did not work out, actually another team with in Borland did make an effort to make a product out of this idea it was called Data-gateway. The connection diagram is show here.


Overview of InterBase JDBC Connectivity

Various causes for this error. Further the same Statement object can be borlandd for unrelated queries. When the next time an obrland connection is detected it will upload those changes. How do I use InterClient?

Upcoming Latest Day Week Month. New features of InterClient 1. The Appointments are saved as appts. The Service History list is a view into the Appointments and only shows Appointments that have been their status set to Complete for this technician for today. A notification is sent to the platform through the TNotificationCenter when this happens.

Click “Agree” to accept the use of cookies and continue browsing. Cancel long running queries before terminating clients. If no connection to the server is available the data will be loaded from those files instead.

You are integrating at the application layer instead of the DB layer interclienr. Further we will look into the various methods which can be used to connect to InterBase using InterClient. InterBase is a full-featured, high performance, zero administration, lightweight, embeddable relational database for software developers.


JDBC driver and Borland interclient help us please – s

Once set to false we use the createStatement method followed by the executeUpdate method to run our command. InterClient type 4 With InterClient 3. Furthermore, you have to teach it intercliient to determine whether thrown SQLExceptions are connectivity-related, retry conditions or fatal conditions. Free Developer Edition download. SQLException for which both are derived from is raised instead. How to use InterClient to connect to InterBase database.

No linux distro Ive tried will work with it. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. It’s way too much work for simple JDBC access. Hence in our example a rs. We add this to our sample application as: This type of driver needs the ODBC driver code and in most cases needs the database client code on the client machines. Each platform handles notifications differently.