Get proper hardware Example 1: The problem what i had was that within vswitch1, the storage network and storage kernel were not linked to each other……. Windows 7 SP1 or newer. I am using ESXi Version 6. Oddly enough, I ended up starting from scratch a 6th time, not changing how I was installing everything from the previous attempts and for whatever reason it worked this 6th time. Hi folks, I do have a Microserver Gen8 and I would like to experiment with sharing storage back to hypervisor. I added this tunable to get the rc.

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Best regards Kenneth Loading The first link is what helped me fix the issue and also provided me with the inspiration to vmxnt3 this post, so kudos goes to the author.

My current setup is: Freejas is very usefull. Do you see anything wrong with my idea? I did follow most of your procedures except the part where the RAID card is configured for Passthrough.

If not that would really improve your performance on VMs. Hi, thanks For this Great Tutorial!

When you are freemas a pool and make it four drives, FreeNAS will want to default to creating two vdevs for the pool. Or if having a separate storage network is overkill for your setup just forgo that part. It was set to standard but changing it to disable resulted in files getting transferred.


It may be okay but be sure to stress test it real good first. I feel so stupid. The drive, by default, is split into a number of partitions during the ESXi installation.

FreeNAS 9.10 on VMware ESXi 6.0 Guide

Make sure you have good backups before doing this. Is there a simple path to move my current setup into a VM or would it mean starting from scratch? Ben, I was hoping you can give me advice on a different Dell Server hardware setup.

First off, great blog and great article, very informative and helpful.

ESXi direct ethernet connection to FreeNas |VMware Communities

After far as freenas is concerned, passing raid volumes to use for data storage in freenas is asking for issues… Can you clarify more what you are trying to do? Just for a different perspective. I hate to see storage space go to waste if I need to overprovision down to 8GB. If you want a stripe just add one Log device now and add the second one later.

If you get the D be sure to let me know how it works for you—being able to go to GB, even 64GB really frees up a lot of memory constraints.


Debunking the VM Link Speed Myth! – vswitchzero

Again, without giving it freeans thought, I rebooted the host. Not with quoted statements from documentation, but through actual performance testing.

Thanks for the update. HP microserver or supermicro? Both are faster than the GB S which is sequential write and a lot less with random write.

Why Enabling DirectPath I/O on ESXi can be a Bad Idea

As far as Windows is concerned, this adapter really is connected at 1Gbps now: I will take all what you have said into consideration and will look into each one. What I mean by Software raid is the Intel motherboard raid.

By default the SSDs will be on one row and two columns. Answer yes to the no active NICs warning. That seems like pretty basic functionality. So looks like I am running optimum freenad.