What You Need to Learn About the Pallet

You have already witnessed what purchasing pallets in Poole looks like, especially if you are fond of looking at huge cargoes at ports being sent from point A to point B. The ones that are likely registering in your mind is the huge containers, but they are the smaller ones. It may confuse you at this point, so here are some pointers that will help you get a better idea what a pallet is and what is looks like.

The pallet is the horizontal platform that is usually affixed to a particular superstructure and at the bottom deck. This is allowed to be lifted and then moved by the equipment designed to handle materials. This machine is the conveyors and lift trucks – used tin placing the right storage systems and with also the transport vehicles.

The pallet’s main function is as a base for storing, assembling, transporting and handling products and materials. Added to that, the pallet also offers protection to whichever it is carrying on. It is also the most usual base for the unit load; this is a system wherein it includes the pallet itself, the goods are stacked up on it, including the adhesive, stretch wrap, pallet colar or any other means to stabilize the unit load.

The history of how these pallets came to be became an integral part of the technology used on the logistics today. Added refinements were the pallet management and design during WWII. Take for example the reuse of pallet from the pallet supplies Southampton in its supply chain has turned in increasingly practiced. This concept of pallet pooling started a very serious discussion around this time and has developed into being the key strategy for the pallet suppliers.

Materials used for the pallets

The most common material that you see pallets with are made of wood, but it is available in various mateirals. There are plastic, paper pallets, wood composite and the metal pallets.

The reason why the wood pallets material is more popular is because it provides a great combination of durability, stiffness, weight and cost. There is also the widespread infrastructure of pallet recycling. The custom sizes of the pallet can also be fabricated easily from its timber components. The plastic pallets are usually more expensive compared with the wood material when it is compared for similar applications, yet they are valued for these attributes like easy to clean, precision of manufacture and its extreme durability.

Other considerations that are important to consider when buying pallets is its weight. You also have to consider if you are going to use the pallets for export, like the ISPM-15 compliance or the exemption for the international shipping.


Pallets also come in various designs. According to the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets, it starts its classification with either block or stringer. Then it follows to differentiate of the common types of wood material, which refers to the many directions that may have entered the forklifts and pallet trucks.

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