Essential questions to ask when hiring a plumber

Hiring professional plumbers in Southampton is not as easy as picking the dress that you will be wearing for tonight’s party. If you want to ensure that the contractor that you are dealing with is professional and an expert in his field, here are essential questions that you should consider asking to evaluate the plumber. This will help you make a better decision whether or not you wanted to hire him.

How can you prove to me that you are licensed?

First things first, this is the most important question that you should ask before hiring a plumber. Ask for a certificate or anything that proves that they are licensed because nowadays, there are some who can operate without a license. Never close a deal if he cannot show you some evidence that their company or he himself is licensed to do the job. You can even search for some licensing rules in your area at the licensing page of Angie’s list. The last thing that you wanted to happen is hiring a less-experienced plumber who is still figuring out what to do.

Can you give me an estimate of the total cost?

One sign of a professional plumber that they can give you a free estimate after they have diagnosed your problem and personally checked your leaking pipes. Do not close a deal with a plumber who immediately gives you a quote just by talking over the phone because a professional plumber will ask to take a look at your house, assess the problems, provide you with the solutions they have in mind as well as the materials that he needs in order to complete the job and the labor cost. Make sure to ask for a written form of their estimate cost before they start their job.

Who will be operating?

Being able to meet the plumber who will operate on the job is great. There are some companies who send multiple plumbers depending on how big the project is. Ask about their qualifications and level of experience to assure that they are all professionals who will focus on their job. If they cannot provide you complete answers and details, it’s about time you keep looking for other companies.

Do you clean up the mess of your job?

While this may sound like an obvious question, there are still some companies who will leave the mess and clutter after completing the job. Make sure that they include clean-up on their job, but if they ask for an additional rate for this, you should consider dealing with them because cleaning the giant mess all by yourself is quite hard.


When evaluating or interviewing your contractor, never forget to ask these questions. Boiler repairing Southampton are not made equal; there are some who excel and some just don’t. Make sure that you know exactly what to ask and how to evaluate to choose the right plumber for you.

5 questions to ask in hiring commercial cleaning service

When hiring a commercial cleaning service, there are some factors that you need to consider first to properly evaluate whether they are fitted for the job or not. There are numerous cleaning services that can help you in office cleaning Essex . To help you hire the best commercial cleaning service out there, here are five essential questions that you should ask first:

For how long have you been operating?

To run a professional and stable company, it takes a lot of time. If you want to ensure that the staff is well-experienced, and they know what exactly to do, consider hiring a business that had been into the game for a while. The last thing that you wanted to experience is hiring a company who is still figuring out what to do.

How can I assure that you’ll do something if my office gets damaged during the process?

We never knew something unexpected happens during the process of cleaning that is why you should ask for insurance. If your office gets damaged during the process of cleaning, the company should be held responsible for it and should be able to compensate for the damages. Make sure that they have a written policy on what they are going to do if something gets broken and ask to have a copy of it before they start their work.

How much time does it usually takes for you to resolve an issue?

Ask how they work towards their customers. A professional cleaning service must be polite at all times, and they should be able to answer all of your questions accordingly. Not only that but if an issue arises between you and the cleaners or if something unexpected happens, you should ask for the business days does it usually takes for them to resolve the said issue. If they cannot answer directly, then think twice before hiring them.

Can I see some references from your past clients?

If you have found a cleaning service through the internet, then you should ask for a reference from their past clients and see if they are satisfied with the quality of their work. Even if it’s your close friend who recommended the cleaning service to you, you should always ask for some reference before you hire them. If they refuse to give you one, immediately turn them down.

Can you tell me the cleaning products that you are using?

To make sure that the cleaning service is not using cleaning products that are harmful to both the human body and environment, you should always ask for the cleaning products that they are using. Conduct a research about the products that contains harmful chemicals and substances for you to identify whether or not they are using it. You should be able to verify this because any threat to you and your staff’s health is a big risk for your company. To help you more in hiring cleaning services to check out office cleaning London